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The next election is scheduled for March of 2023.  Qualifying begins Tuesday, January 3, 2023 at noon and ends Friday, January 6, 2023 at noon.

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Persons seeking election may qualify with the Town Clerk at Town Hall located at 3150 SW 52nd Avenue, Pembroke Park, Florida.

All qualified electors of the Town of Pembroke Park whose names appear upon the registration books in the Office of the Supervisor of Elections for Broward County, Florida, will be eligible to vote in said election.

The election shall be held in accordance with the Charter of the Town of Pembroke Park, Florida, and the State of Florida Election Laws.


Broward County Supervisor of Elections

Municipal Election Information


  • Q50 Pembroke Park Town Hall 3150 SW 52nd Avenue Pembroke Park, FL 33023
  • Q51 Raymond P. Ogelsby Preserve 31150 SW 52nd Avenue Pembroke Park, FL

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Election Forms/Information

Handbooks and Other Guides

DS-DE 2Contributions Returned12/2022PDF
DS-DE 9Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates12/2022PDF
DS-DE 19AAffidavit of Undue Burden – Candidate12/2022English PDF


Español PDF

DS-DE 73Campaign Loans Report08/03 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 73ACampaign Loans Report Itemized08/03 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 84Statement of Candidate05/11 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 86Request for Return of Contribution09/95 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 87Waiver of Report06/15 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 90Irrevocable Statement to Voluntarily Abide by the Expenditure and Contributions Limits on Personal and Party Funds11/17 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 98Candidate for Governor or Cabinet Member Request for Campaign Financing Act Matching Funds11/17 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 102Statement of Solicitation07/06 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 104Candidate Petition Form09/11 - 12/2022English PDF


Español PDF

DS-DE 125Poll Watcher Designation08/16 - 12/2022English PDF


English Excel

Español PDF

Español Excel

DS-DE 301SLCandidate Oath – State and Local Partisan Office08/2021 - 12/2022PDF
DS-DE 302NPCandidate Oath – Nonpartisan Office12/2022PDF

Florida Commission on Ethics

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