Steps to Obtain Business Tax Receipt

Business Tax Receipt are valid from Oct. 1st -Sep.30th

Step 1

The applicant must complete and return the Inspection and Application Form to Town Hall. Upon submission of those forms the inspections fees must be paid. (Inspection Fees are non-refundable).

You will need to use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the forms

Step 2

The applicant must schedule inspections with the Business Tax / Billing Division in person or by phone (954) 966-4600 ext. 214. The application with be reviewed by the building, fire and zoning departments. If the application is denied by one or more departments, the applicant must have a follow-up review or re-inspection to complete the process.

For Your Inspection:
  • Building Department – will look for building violations, for example incomplete walls or structures inside the building, electrical wiring and installation of power equipment. 
  • Fire Department – requires 1 – 10 lbs. ABC fire extinguisher per 2500 sq. ft. with a valid service tag clearly visible and readily available.

Step 3

Once the applicant has received approval from the building, fire, and zoning departments the Business Tax Receipt will be prepared within 3 to 5 business days.

Step 4

When the Business Tax Receipt is ready for pick up the applicant will be notified. The applicant has 10 business days after notification to pay for the Business Tax Receipt.

Other Forms

You will need to use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the forms